Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah the new moon is finally out!

Today I dragged my aunt and cousin out of bed and we trooped off to watch New Moon.

I can't way I was disappointed because it had the excitement of the book to atleast some level. And I was in all honesty too busy staring at the wolves to even notice Bella and the rest. Alright maybe I peeked at Edward a couple times but only because he was glittering in the Sun!

The second of the Twilight saga, New Moon was not my favourite book either. It was the most boring one for me. I loved the bit of Jacob turning into a wolf but the rest was plain boring. But somehow I still enjoyed the film. Not as much as I enjoyed watching The Lord Of The Rings I'll admit.

Bella was just as irritating as she always was. I thoroughly dislike how she shakes her head anytime she says something. She's like a robot whose neck has gone a bit loose. And Edward has a bit too much white make-up on. And compared to even the rest of the Cullen's he looked than he is meant to!

The wolf pack however, in my opinion stole the show. I though each character was perfect and was portrayed so well that it overshadowed the vampires completely.

I always appear to enjoy films that are made of book. I think its because I like the idea of comparing what I saw the characters as to the ones that the filmmaker saw. Its always exciting when you've read the book and you're watching a film and have an inside joke which isn't being shown on screen. Or maybe its just me!

I also think Carlisle and Emmet and Sam should have been on screen a bit longer!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Morning at Murray Road

Its Friday morning and everyone has gone mental. Well everyone below the age of 30 atleast. And for those who know me and my family then you know I'm talking about Shriya Diju, Shashwat (Poph ji) and Savage and yours truly!

So we all wake up pretty much sane for our standards atleast. Grandpa is awake and watching television. Sneha Mua (Savage and my aunt and the other two's mother) has escaped to school and left us to our own devices.

So here is an insight -

Shashwat Rana - Imagine if you had to see only though one eye? What a sad life that would be? And before he has even thought about it. He goes on to ask if any of us have tried to pick up a pencil with your toes. "Its hard!" he proclaims.

Anyway, we're having breakfast at scattered times and making lots and lots of noise. Its the music of a MAC versus the music from a PC. Needless to say I won with my PC and Snow Patrol!! Add a whole lot of shouting and that's what our conversation is.

Ongoing bets are also part of the morning. Will the water in the kettle be enough for three cups of tea? Place the bets and loser gets beaten up with stick.

Said stick is unavailable so loser gets traumatised a bit. The picture here is the consequence of losing.

So after all of that is done and finished. We sit down and discuss serious issues. Like when we should begin cooking and cleaning for the party. This is at about 1pm. By about two minutes past one we think we've had enough. TIME FOR A BREAK! Phew...that was hard work!

Just when we're ready to get back to discussions we hear the hoover. It's working. This also means that Mimi is doing the work we should be. So of course we run helter skelter to do the work. Atleast what's left of it!

Off we troop. So fast forward to about 6:30 in the evening everything is done. And about the certainly done. Shash and I had to make the rise gravy about 6 times until the rice began to look edible. And then with Chinese Martial and Girl Power combined we managed to make yummy yummy rice pulao! And thats all that needs to be said!

Conclusion - Party was a success. Food was a success. Day went off as planned with no technical snags.

Peace out!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What next?

I'm quite sure that despite all their pledges and promises of a fantastic for the little Himalaya country of Nepal, the Maoists can do nothing but drive the nation into further despair.

From the very beginning they have forced their opinion down peoples throats and deluded themselves. They forced people to vote for them - holding them at gun point several times - and then pretended to be surprised when they won.

Well yes you'd think they'd be satisfied with winning but then came the real problem. Ruling the country. Needless to say they failed. So what is it that they want now. They had their chance at ruling the country and unfortunately for them it didn't go to well.

So what now start the process all over again and then win and then step down because they can't handle it?

I don't care about Men Who Stare at Goats

After a very tiring day, a friend and I went to watch the much awaited MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. We usually watch films together and the last few have been rather disappointing. Even worse for him (henceforth referred to by his name NIKO) because he didn't have the consolation of watching Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Heath Ledger and Colin Farrell in The Imaginarium.....

So as I said the trailer had appealed to us and with the star cast of George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey surely this film would not disappoint.

But then IT DID

There seemed absolutely no link between the characters and it looked like they had all been filmed separately. The essence of the film with was a program in the army made up of people with pcyshic abilities. The most talented of them being George Clooney. He could kill goats simply by staring at them. And that was the end of the explanation of his divine powers.

Ewan McGregor is a journalist who in his attempt to show down his boss who has just run off with his (McGregors) wife land up in Afghanistan to find the program founder Jeff Bridges.

Somewhere in this come bad guy Kevin Spacey who only adds to the further fragmentation of the film.

In short its a bringing together of four people whose lives overlap in the most random manner for the most random reason (which I might add I still don't know).

Luckily it was a Wednesday and Niko and I got in on buy one get one free so not too much financial loss. But if you haven't watch it in the cinema then all I can say is DONT.

I promise you it will be more fulfilling if you just stared at goats for the two hours even if you didn't even manage to get the its ear to move let alone kill it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Its been a while

Yea! I'm done with Masters! Yippie! Ok I've been donea long(ish) while now. 15th of July to be precise.

And of course I've done many things since then. I lived life to the fullest. I saw all that could possible be seen by a young person in such little time. And the most amazing thing I did was watch the entire season one of THE MENTALIST. TWICE!!

Oh I adore Simon Baker. And I adore him even more as Patrick Jane! *blush blush*.

Now everyone who reads these blogs knows who Niko is. Nick Flegg aka Cookie Monster!

He, as if he knows everything, says, "The Mentalist is rubbish. And I am going to get you out of that bad habit!"

Haha! As if. If you ask me, he is just a tad jealous of Mr.Jane!

Anyway, I promise I had a point with this post but clearly I've lost it. What else can one expect when one is thinking of Simon Baker. Pppft! I'll be back sooner or later!

Peace Out!


1. Write about BBC
2. Write about Birthday
3. Write about Ipswich and ITFC
4. Write about leaving Poole
5. Write about Formula One, Tennis

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Having a doctor for an Aunt.

Dr.Mimi Giri is a fancy doctor at the University of Gent Hospital at Gent(oddly enough). She is or atleast says she belongs to many important groups. Like the UN of endocrinology. So all through my big masters project I asked her for help, information, contacts and quotes.

Hopefully that will fetch me some good marks. And if it doesn't then I will pull down this tribute post!

Having her around is great. Although you do get a bit too much of CSI. And by that I mean she watches about 6 episodes on her days off! Yea I know...CRAZY!

Anyway, she thinks that just because she is a doctor she can tell me what is wrong with me and I can't! For example, I say my wrist hurts but it is not hurt. NO she says. It cannot be possible.

I cannot understand how she knows. Unfortunately, she may be right. It hurts too much to be nothing.

Oh...I forgot that this is a tribute to her help and encouragement.

Genuinely, she helped me so much. Infact, it was her idea to begin with. It all began very fairytale like. I was sat on her bed being lectured at by her for eating unhealthy. Something about an ANT and a GRASSHOPPER or some such. Not that I can remember what I was. But I think she concluded I was a pig! :)

Basically, I owe her almost my entire project. Without her I would have been marginally lost. That said she was not the easiest interviewee. Randomly helping people out in the middle of a Gent market while I was recording. And I quote ..." And so obesity is highly...rechtdoor...Zonder dank" For goodness sake!!

Anyway, enough of the tribute.



Love you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is it to them?

The other day I was watching an episode of Lead Balloon, the comedy series with Jack Dee. It is absolutely hilarious. And it is so because it is so close to reality. Actually it is exactly reality.

So Jack Dee plays Rick Spleen, a comedian,(no surprises there) but a down and outish one. He hardly gets many shows and barely any tele programmes.

Of course the world is quite happy to get at him. Nevermind that they were not even as famous as him. EVER. And possibly will never be but still they think it is necessary to keep reminding him that he has put on weight.

Rick,being the sacarstic chap he is tries to defend with nasty jokes but eventually tell them to mind their own business. And I agree.

People are not perfect. We are all not super models. So why pretend. Afterall we don't go around telling people,"Oh did you stop growing when you were 7?" And then top it all off with ," Not that I am suggesting you are short."

Well, what are you doing then? If someone had put on weight, I would make sense that the person is the first to know. He does put on his own trousers you know!

And God forbid they don't know...who killed the general and made nosy friends ( READ : People jealous of you) in charge?

A real friend would tell you that. They'd be too busy running in the gym because they've probably eaten the same things as you have.

I don't understand. I never will. What is it to them?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You deserve much better than me

I have the most splendid friends. I've always had fantastic friends. I think my first friend was Naushik Kabra. He's the the sort of friend who was and is always there for you. Yea he appears late but he does eventually arrive!! Our Mums were pregnant with us around the same time. And possibly for the first time in his life he was on time and therefore is a few months older than I! Anyway, my point is that he's a wonderful friend and now brother!

Then there is Devika. We were buddies when we were babies and we lost contact for about 6 years but picked up right where we left off as if we never had fallen out of touch. Devika is perfectly brilliant. Indeed, she talks about ducks or something when you're talking about football or something but that is what makes her 'distraction'. Hencewhy it is her nickname!

Then another baby friend in this mental names Anisha! Crazy. But I love her. We disagree on almot everything. If I say black she says white. I say spicy she says sweet. I say London she says Singapore. I say Nadal she says Federer. SCHUMI - and we both say AYE!! I'm touching wood for something that only she and I know about. I hope we always stay the same!!

Then enter Natasha and Iffath. They are like my sisters. They are my sisters actually. All I can say is I love them to death! The absolute best they are! I'll spoil it if I say anymore.

There is also Nimrita, Anutha, Suniti, Mansi, Sakshi. We're meant to go to Spain before the first one of us gets married. Given that we haven't been to Spain yet I can safely say we're far from being brides and brides maids. And just so you know these 5 are perfectly incapable of being on time for anything. And don't even bother to ask Suniti why she comes late. "No listen it was really important...I had to wash my hair!" Mansi has one big goblet of wine or something which "miraculously fills itself up". Sakshi...hmm...haven't met her in a while but I know the times we had were good. Nim...there's another person who is crazy! The parties and sleepovers and the whole lot of fun. Anutha...I won't talk about her becasue if I do then she'll know I'm free and should be with her in London...oh hang on she's in India. Ah well...she is great too. The numerous out and out bizzare things we did and still potentially will. Very nice indeed!!

Hair...speaking of that...Disha is another. (I notice a trend friends are usually late!)Tell her 2pm and she'll meander in at about 5 looking perfect calm about the whole things unless her hair is out of place! Tejini however is quite on time and has her hair perfectly in place. She also comes late but only because Disha drives her to the place. Otherwise its fine!

Sharanya, Karunya, Kripa, Chandni, Kiran, Navya, Addy, Bhanu, Vaishali. Oh the mental 9 who sat on the stairs laughing and saying the most ridiculous things and telling the worst jokes (Only Karunya did that!) Basically wasting precious time complaining about the uselessness of exams when we should have been studying for those blinking exams! Good times! Good times! They made the five years worthwhile. More than worthwhile. And I know that they'll always be there for me. No matter what. Yes some of them don't even email but if I send a distress call they'll be just round the corner!

Meghna (I don't have a picture of her) but she is a darling. She's like a little sister to me and although I haven't known her too long, the two years feels like twenty! But she does science. YUCKS!! Nevermind...hopefully good sense will prevail and she'll abandon the rubbish subject!

And the boys!! Oh the boys...Washy, Raul, Akhilesh, Umang, Chintan, PTK, Aashish, Arjun. Only they would come home at about 3am with beer and crisps to play cards!! MAD MAD MAD! And then the best part is arrive to the same home(mine) from the same place (COUCH) in different cars!! What's to complain about!! I had the most delightful times of my life *SIGH*

And then the other boys...Akhil, Vamsi, Mario, Atul,Ashwin. All
that comes to mind is laughter. That is how happy they make
me! Randomly show up at my doorstep with cheap smelly wine in their hand or sing Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken.....CONSTANTLY!!

Or busrt into tune like life was a musical!! Truly though they make it worthwhile!! Life is good as long as they're with me! life...I miss you. And you know I love you. Always!

Vamsi...really...why don't you just live in my garden. We'll get you a fridge for the beer outside no worries. :P MIA brother-in-law...some day I'll come to Leeds.

Atul - Maybe one day I'll be able to accept the fact that you're a McLaren fan! Still I love you inspite of that fatal flaw!

Ashwin - Still downloading Skype are you?

David Rose...I've written about him before! Great fun. Always there when you need (Only if I have cookies though!!) But he is super and I think he is a fantastic friend! flatmate...of late I like her less...she's stopped cooking for me! And she doesn't loiter around drinking coffee talking rubbish!! Hehe!!

No no I do love her and I always will. And we're buying a castle together. We like to be flatmates you see!!

Mon...nearly as mental as me but not quite. But she is super. (She even gave me a present today!!) Together we beat Dave at wrestling too!
Girl Power!


David Murray...yea yea Ireland is the best!! Maybe!! Only after India though. Waiting to go mountaineering and rafting in the Himalayas. Come soon!!

Julide...she's big sis here!

David Spragg...ah what shall I say except...shall we be on our way to Slug and Lettuce?? Hehe!! Genuine chap he is. I am very fond of him indeed. He is a pest though! other flatmate...oh I love her. Only she and I can have fights with the hoover, broom and some other random kitchen objects!! We also make a damn good team. We together can kick arse. Anyone comes in our way...MOVE OUT or GET MOWED DOWN!! other other flatmate!! Hehe...she's super!! Ah the time when she came to cook rice and put the wrong hob on and complained to eternity!! hahaha!! Love you!

Nick...again like Dave I've spoken about him before but can't exclude him here.

He's my darling Cookie Monster!! He does scold when I play playstation at levels slightly below perfection though.PHOOEY!!

My point is that I have always had the best friends there could possible ever be. And if I've named you in this post it means I think you should know this...


Love you all now and forever!

PS - The picture of the sprouts is not random. It means something and the person will know!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who cares about the law exam

Today is Sunday. Its 17:43. Which means I effectively have 4 days to study for my law exam. Now from that take away a day for sleeping and about half a day for play station (that is another story by the way) what does that leave me with? 2 and a half days for the exam. JOY!!

So I've done these calculations in my head, clearly not studying law, and I've worked out that I'll somehow still possibly pass and hence why I don't care!

I cared a great deal sometime ago. I'd study law everyday because I was terrified of the exam. But we've had so much work to do, not hard stuff , but work nonetheless that I think I can now officially only work under pressure! Pressure should be kicking in sometime now or perhaps a day or two ago but appraently hasn'y which again proves that I don't seem to care. I know I should and I care that I don't care but that doesn't seem motivating enough!!

But I know one bit of law well and that is defamation. Seeing that I am not the most politically correct person you ever saw...I'll probably lose half of my anyway low wages of paying people I have defamed! Already Nick thinks I am racist. He told me so this morning because I told him an innocent little joke which he found implications in! CHEEKY MONKEY! Hopefully by the time I', ready adn raring to dive into the world of journalism my across-the-window-shouting-friend Dustin will have become a fancy lawyer and defend me!

Until then...I honestly don't care!

Peace out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now being in the field of journalism, I know how hard it is to get interviews with famous people. Especially television stars because they always feel they need to be more condescending that film stars. Some sort of inferiority complex I suppose.

Lucky for me I got an interview with the Cookie Monster. Like all super heroes he has an alter ego. NICK FLEGG. Obviously, I got the interview with Nick rather than Mr. Monster because Mr. Monster was out doing work and in all probabilty saving the world from some dreadful cookie famine!

Over the past few months, I realised that Nick has tremendous talent (He writes poetry, plays piano and footy too) and more over the unmatched drive to do something. He will make sure he masters whatever catches the whim of the King of the Universe. Be it eating 14 cups of ice cream, learning how to read sheet music in 2 days or firing up blogs by learning HTML. Amor...hats off!

But he is mighty evil as well. If you read his'll notice that he says there is a duck in my room and he would like to visit me and duck for the sole purpose of insulting me. Now we all know that I have a somewhat everlasting stock of Cookies. What other reason could there be for Nick.Cookie Monster to come here but for the COOKIES? he pretends to want to insult me but deep in his chocolatey heart he knows it is for the cookies and of course my irresistable charm and beauty!

But my life here would have been pretty awful without the Cookie Monster in it. Despite him stealing my cookies, he has found a way of getting away with most things. He even had me telling people he scored a goal from somewhere on some far off planet!

Anyway, I'll leave you with the interview with Cookie Monster!


Back in October I had to write a profile on one of my course mates. I picked David Rose....when I was innocent and naive; this is what I thought of the boy.

Once you get beyond the “I’m Lucifer” mask its easy to know that he is a small town lad from the West Midlands, with a big heart of gold.

He weaves his vast knowledge of philosophy into lyrics and music like a master craftsman…a true musician. When you hear him sing or play the piano you’ll wonder why he isn’t performing at Broadway. Especially with experience of working with Royal Shakespearean Theatre when he was eleven!

Fiercely defensive of those he loves, this sensitive soul is the perfect son, brother and uncle. One is left bewildered as to why he believes that he lost track of what he wanted to achieve in life. “I wish I never lost sight of who I was,” he says with a hint of regret in his voice.

He aspires to work in the media, earn pots of money and then combine his passion for music and making the world a better place. He wishes to start a community project to teach children music skills. “Money is important but it’s not everything. I’d rather be respected than rich,” professes the Good Samaritan.

The first Rose with no thorn. A Musician. An Artist. A Dreamer. A Believer. DAVID ROSE.

It is now March. I am wise to the ways of this artist. This is what I think of him now!

Thou art only mark'd for hot vengeance and the rod of heaven. Thou errant hedge-born maggot-pie!



Aloha from the beautiful land of Hawaii!

Yea no I'm still in Poole! Anyway, the title of this blog is highly significant at this point in time. I came to Uni mighty scared of the BIG BAD WORKING WORLD. Uni appeared ot be a safe haven and in September last year I thought,"A year is well long. I'm sure I'll be able to sort my life out by then!"

Fastforward to now. I think the absolute opposite! Life? Which one? The one I had with Mum and Dad always there to help with anything or the one when big sis would come from miles away to pick me up if my car broke down? Or the one I currently have. Doing absolutely nothing. Unless of course I can make a living from featuring in Nick's music videos (Highly intentionally I might add) or randomly and purposelessly wandering into Dave's room and bravely turning on the lights in his apartment corridor? (Yes his flatmates are pro darkness and hencewhy leave lights turned out even on the darkest night!)

That is Dave...the HOT one. Apparently he needs to advertise it. The other is Nick...the EXTRA HOT ONE. So hot he ate 14 tubs of ice cream! See why I don't life as I know it to change!

But the tragedy of life is there are tragedies! Even Shakespeare wrote more tragedies than comedies. Or even more than historicals for that matter!! *SIGH*

Lets face it. I don't have much time to sort my life out. The one year deadline is coming to an end and September is so close. What am I going to do? Where will I go? What does one do when you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size where you gonna go? Where you gonna sleep tonight?

De Nick says, "BELIEVE!"


PS- I sang the song where you gonna sleep tonight and Dave played guitar but our Director (one Deepak)is apparently rubbish and recorded over it. So I'll put it up after I do a retake!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Friday’s game saw the team defeated Bamms Caledonian Thistle 5-2.

With the referee filling for a missing player on Thistle’s side, the game began rather balanced. Corfecastle picked up the pace and within five minutes already had three shots on target. The absence of regular goalkeeper Dustin Joyce was soon felt though as Thistle’s Chris snuck in a goal past temporary keeper Samuele Spina.

Despite clearly being the stronger team, Corfecastle were still lagging behind at half time. Obviously threatened by Thistle, the team came back with renewed energy, a powerful drive to win, and a new goalkeeper - Tommy Carter.

A few minutes into the second half, Corfecastle stepped up their game and soon equalised. Nick Flegg fired in the shot that went sailing past the slowly crumbling Thistle defence.

Dave Rose then made it 2-1, converting a clever cross from Nick Flegg. into a stunning goal. Now full of confidence, Corfecastle were on a roll.

Samuele Spina then scored the first of his three goals and followed it up with the second almost immediately. Thistle were now on their back foot lagging behind 4-1 but took advantage of a slightly relaxed Corfecastle. John scored for Thistle making it 4-2. But the effort was in vain as Sercan Ozcan, playing with an injury, assisted Spina in his final goal.

Corfecastle now have three points from three games. Bamms Caledonian Thistle are currently bottom of the table having lost both their games. Bang Bro’s currently lead with a clean sheet in all their games.

P.S. - Striker Nick Flegg may claim that the goal he fired in was from somewhere on some far off planet!! Or perhaps he'll tell you it was from 7000 yards off. All true by the way!!!


Bang Bro’s remained at the top of the table with a 5-3 victory over Corfecastle United in Bournemouth University Football League's Dorset Cup on the 20th of February.

The glory was shared however as Corfecastle bravely battled the leaders with an incomplete team.

Playing with only 4 players, Corfecastle started out aggressively and within the first 5 minutes had 3 shots on target.

Keeper Dustin Joyce was busy as Bang Bro’s relentlessly fired shot after shot, most coming from winger Christian Noble.

The keeper’s record was perfect until Stewart Black snuck in a goal from a rebound ball catching Dustin completely unawares.

True sporting spirit showed when, to balance the teams out, Bang Bro’s Simon Beazley suggested that referee Chris play for Corfecastle.

Just before half time, a goal from the referee/player saw Corfecastle equalize, making it 1-1.

It seemed as if Bang Bro’s had held back initially but after the break they came into the game full swing, scoring two goals in quick succession; one from Simon Beazley and another from Black making it 3-1.

Tactical passing saw another two goals get past the Corfecastle defence with Daniel Persson, keeper in the first half for the Bang Bro’s, scoring both of them.

But Corfecastle continued to pile the pressure on Bang Bro’s.

Nick Flegg and Sercan Ozcan stole the ball and on several occasions got past the defence, but their efforts were stopped by Bang Bro’s second keeper Jim.

Just when the game seemed finished with only two minutes remaining, striker Nick Flegg masterminded a goal that was put in by Captain Dave Rose.

The game had hardly restarted when Dave Rose fired another goal making it 5-3, and leaving Bang Bro’s wondering what the scoreboard might have read if their opponents had a full team.


The Dorset Cup 5-a-side football tournament kicked off on Friday, the 13th of February with S.T.I. and The Bang Bro’s starting with wins.

The first match between STI and Corfe Castle United ended 3-0 to STI.

Corfe began strongly and seemed in control of the game. They dominated possession but failed to convert five goal chances and hit the bar several times. The STI keeper made a great save to deny Corfe's Alexandros Elias a goal.

Corfe's defence of Tufan Uysal, Samuele Spina and Davide Maestropaolo was initially good with the ball constantly in Corfe’s half, but it was not long before the defence caved in. Keeper David Murray was unable to save a splendid shot from James D.

In the second half Corfe’s Sercan Ozcan, Tufan and Samuele each had shots on target but failed to score. The team had pace and organisation but were unable to get the ball to strikers Nick Flegg and Dave Rose.

A resurgent STI came back into the game when James scored his second goal. This broke Corfe's spirit and they were 3-0 down after James completed his hat-trick.

Moments before the end Corfe had a last-gasp attempt to get on the scoreboard but failed to convert.

STI picked up the three points and are currently joint leaders in the tournament with Big Bro’s who won 10-2 against the Bamms Caledonian Thistle.

The third fixture of the day was to be played between Late Entry A and The Frances Road Boys A but the match was called off and has been postponed to another date.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I realize that this should have been my first entry but I've never been one to do things "normally". So I took my own sweet time to come up with this bit of seemingly useless sentences put together. It seems that way because I'm not the greatest write and therefore cannot come up with poetry and layered poetry at that. All I plan to do on this blog is write what I feel.

As I said, I am quite random. And random shall be my blog.

I didn't have enough space to write "About Myself" in the tragic 500 word/character space blogspot so kindly provided. So I'll do more of that right here...right now.

I live in Poole. It is a town on the South coast of England as is closer to France than London. (I told you I was random!) I'm doing my Master in Multi-Media Journalism. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and will write more about my escapades here. You'll also hear more about my partners in crime. Old ones from undergrad and new ones from post grad. I seem to always find a bunch of friends who are the absolute best in the whole wide world! Oddly enough, they're all as crazy as I am!! Needless to say that some of the entires will therefore shall I put this...erm...bizzare? Yes...that is perfect...bizzare! hmmm...where was I...I really need my mind to stop working faster than I can type. I'm missing out on crucial points here!! *sigh*

Ah yes...meesa's friends. So this one lad from Ipswich...Nick Flegg...I think I was in line after him when God/The Force/Science/whatever-you-believe-makes-the-world-go-round was handing out talent. So Nick got all the skills. He plays piano, writes incredible poetry, stories, makes music, edits films, plays footy, draws. He even knows how to burn pizza every single time! Yea so since I was assumably in line after him...I got...well...never mind what I got. He works hard at it though. Talent plus blind optimism. Look and be amazed. For stupid people - click on the differently coloured words. It's his blog link.

Of course I am far more of a diva than I've made him out to be but he ain't too bad!!

Then there's this other chap...Dave Rose. He is, for all practical purposes 25 but technically the 29th February born little baby boy is all of 6!! Yea so when Nick stole my share of creativity and things, Dave came along and had a word with God/The Force/Science/whatever-you-believe-makes-the-world-go-round and demanded they replenish the afore mentioned skills and talent. I don't know what he said but it worked. So of course Dave can play, compose and teach music, play football, water polo, he acts, he sings, he swears, he burps...he does it all. His influences? I suppose I am one but he didn't have the guts to say that out in public so he diplomatically said, "I'm inspired by the arts." For silly people - click on the differently coloured words. It's his blog link.

Now back to the most important thing in the world. ME! So the journalism thing. In Uni we write for a website...Bournefree News. 'Bourne'mouth Uni...get it? 'Bourne'free...vale? Ah that brings me to Dustin...another friend. I will tell tales of him in another blog as I shall have to censor his speech to the greatest level possible! Yea so Bournefree News...get the latest news from Dorset.

Journalistic skill is what that website shows. Pure, unmatched skill. Don't listen to the droning ECHO in the background!!

That is all for now. I'll be back soon!!

May the force be with you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


“Stand in height order…I said height order!” These words seemed like the harshest words our ears had ever heard. 30 of stood in four lines (Why did we succumb? Why? Innocent, terrified ‘ickle first years waiting (in line) to be scared and raumatised for life. Yes it was the official PyEC ragging session. (PyEC = Psychology, English Literature, Communication Studies)

But that was the beginning of the best days of our lives. Slowly, the harsh, evil seniors became our gurus. Needless to say we eventually bettered their skills! But apparently it’s a touchy topic. The juniors said so! Not much worthy of being documented happened in the first semester. It went by quite fast actually as we found/wound our way around college (through the then basketball court, the once existent bleachers, the late trees and the erstwhile AUDITORIUM. May they rest in peace.)

By the second semester, however, things began to change. Change that had never been witnessed before. We fast became a household name. And why not? We brought “FINE PRINT” back and it was now bold and finer! We brought Darius, Jimmy and Nazarius into the campus. (Yes indeed Darius escaped unhurt!)

We had made our mark though. That’s it. FULL STOP. (For those who did not get to witness history being created…we created the best wall magazine ever.)

Fast forward through the hot summer during which we worked hard at out internships.

“Stand in order of the biggest little toe to the smallest. I said biggest LITTLE toe!”

Woohoo! Trauma time is back and we were there to take out sweet, sugar coated revenge. We believe in helping Karma avenge on our behalf you see! After all we were no more the ‘ickle first years.

We stormed through our second year and brought honour and glory to the college. Or so we believe! Radio Active returned to the campus full swing. Tuesdays and Fridays 12:40 infact. (But did you listen?) We turned Mount Carmel College into Studio 54! By this time, it must be noted that we were pretty much THE BHAIS. College’s own MAFIA if you will! Everybody knew us. Even the new Chechi (i.e. the lady at the refectory) knew us (Read: knew Christine and me). And of course we knew our way to all our classes. Where is room 27 anyway? And 16? Or is it 19? Ah forget it…I’m just not going in for my lesson. Food anyone?

The Union was filled with us (Ok fine. It was only Kripa and Vaishali. But the rest turned up for moral support and attendance). Ah well…one couldn’t be everywhere at all times could one? Obviously we could! That too without Hermione’s silly time turner. Though we all could have used “a few turns” every now and then during exams. Oh in case you hadn’t noticed, the second year also came to an end.


“Stand in order of…” “Hey stupid woman let the super seniors handle it” Ah ha! Finally! Our moment of glory (not that we didn’t have our share last year) was here! We were, at last, Lords of the Land. Master and Commander! But we speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when we say, “Under all the pretend nastiness we are only being thoughtful.” Can’t let our first year baby juniors be traumatised ONLY by the big bad world, can we? We were giving them practice! (Muhahahahahahahahahahaha)

The last and final year *sniff sniff sob sob* saw the making of our four films – the best films in the history of cinema worldwide. Apparently the directors (means US) are simply brilliant. (Applause) “We’d like to thank our families, our principle and teachers, our college mates, our dear dogs, our…” We promise to wave from THE Red Carpet my dears.

Speaking of dogs…they gave us great entertainment and support when we sat through perfectly non-creative evenings on the cold GJ Block steps AKA the amphitheatre. Most of the last semester went by on there. We spent long hours just talking, playing killer and mafia to the point of being shooed away from there! We took our time to go though. We took our own sweet time to leave the secure and safe haven of college. (Except when there was canine chaos. Then we fled without looking back even once!) We tried to take longer but before we knew it and wanted it, time politely asked us to “GET OUT!” And we graduated as PyEC 2008.

We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more until we nearly died. We learnt about life and we learnt about the bloody taunting future. Oh we also learnt lots of psychology, English, Communicative English and several languages. But most importantly we learnt to be modest. And so we leave saying,

We came.
We saw.
We conquered.

Peace out!


Andre Agassi will always be remembered for his bright pink racquet wires and Michael Schumacher for his `victory leap'. They are examples of people who came into a sport as players but left as icons. No sport is the same after the most impressive player in it retires. And a gap left by the likes of Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras and Pele will never be filled.

When a great sportsperson retires they leave a void and it is as if a light has gone out. Fans are the worst hit as it means being loyal to a sport that is bereft of the person they liked and admired. When seven-time Formula One World Champion MichaelSchumacher announced his retirement in September, it marked not only the end of his reign as king of formula one, but also the end of an era. "If the best guy in the world retires it is certainly a sad day," said Austrian Niki Lauda, a triple champion who, incidentally, retired twice during his career. It certainly was a sad day in Formula One and for fans world over, for it will be hard to imagine motor-sport
without the Red Baron.

They influence us in ways we never imagined possible. Some even end up following in the footsteps of these athletes. Serena Williams says of Andre Agassi, ''I used to watch Agassi. He was just everything that I aspired to be, not only on the court but off the court.'' For Formula One Driver Narain Karthikeyan his dream came true when he got the chance to race against Schumacher. "I looked up to him before I came to Formula One, he was one of my heroes, and racing against him was just a great feeling."

Sometimes, when we think of people who have retired we believe that they have run out of steam. Sporting greats like Martina Navratilova did not quit. They just stepped back. They gave way to those who aspired to be like them. After all what can they do when they have given everything they possibly can to a sport?

Lance Armstrong, after winning 6 consecutive Tour De France titles retired without pomp or show. He like other legends brought character and strength to the game.

There are people who come into sports and leave without making an impact. Then there are those who leave behind a legacy; People who gave their lives to the sport. They made their way to the top and when they found there was nothing higher for them to achieve, they stepped aside, leaving it to another to lead the way. Each of them authored a unique chapter in their respective field. Each one of them will go down in history not as mere sports stars, but as LEGENDS.