Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 12: a song from a band you hate

Right, now this may seem a bit odd seeing as the whole world (pretty much) absolutely adores this song. WONDERWALL - OASIS

For me, it too nasal, whiney and massively repetitive. And it is an absolute bore. It’s still funny to listen to people sing it at karaoke but doesn’t mean its any better!

Enough said…or else I’ll get really nasty :P

If you like it then go on and have a listen. I will too. So I can mock it! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Footy again! SCORE!!

After a wait of er...ok ok not too long because we had the World Cup, footy is back! Some how life seems that much better when the season kicks off.

I'm massively jittery about my first team though. CHELSEA! Ah my Chelsea! What are we going to do without Joe Cole and Michael Ballack? To be honest...what is the worry? They didn't do an awful lot last season either then did they. I agree they helped a little bit but most of the hard work was done by Lamps and Droggage. And the other Cole and Terry did a whole lot despite their off pitch ventures!

So mostly I am worried about the collapse of the team in general rather than of just a few players. Our key players appear to be more interested it extra marital affairs and some only care about the money. My fear is that there is an alarming lack of sincerity towards football. There seems to be so much emphasis on how much who gets paid. And the funny thing is they don't even deserve how much they get.

A friend of mine once said, pay them according to the performace. And I think there has never been a better suggestion. Then I bet the world will get to see more world class football. It's no wonder that the English lads came back so soon from South Africa, with tails between their legs.

That said, I'm still massively excited. There is something about football season that makes me happy. In fact all sports make me happy. There is such a wave of emotion when the smallest of things happen. It's like watching a reality show...only better.

Which brings me to my second team but by not too much. I do love them too. But not that I love Town less but I love Chelsea more.

Ever since Roy Keane has come wandering into Ipswich...the club has gone that much more public. But the joy of watching a game at Portman Road is exquisite.

Especially when Counago has the ball. Oh it's magic I tell you. And this time arch and ugly rivals Norwich are back in the league. Damned fools! I really do hope that it's a good season for Town. They deserve it :) What with all the hard work that little kid, Jamie Peters puts in. Win a medal for effort he should!

And all of this begins soon...oh so soon... Saturday infact! By which time hopefully Norwich would have lost their first game on friday! :)

Day 11: A song from my favourite band

I mixed and matched this one a bit! I've put up my favourite song from a band. It makes it more personal. Why would I want to put up a random song from my favourite band. Most likely my favourite song IS from my favourite band!

So I pick

I think this song is legendary! And when I put this video up I realised that the 'vulgar' inappropriate words have been beeped out!

Haha! Everybody has a beep-dealer on speed dial. I like how drug has been beeped out but it's alright to have "Gonna date a centerfold that loves to
Blow my money for me"

Wow that makes it so much funnier! It's got a good tune and it's got good lyrics. More importantly says so much about the industry. Nickelback are pretty good but really...almost anyone can be a rock star now! With the rubbish song on the charts. Paris Hilton for crying out loud! BAH!! It makes me angry but then again it also makes me want to be a rock star. And why not yea? Why would I not want to live in hilltop houses and drive 15 cars. That would be sweet!

Anyway, I do love this song. And it makes me smile because for the longest time I sang zoozoo instead of Whose who. No matter. I'll also be a rock-star one day and no one will care!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 10 (or perhaps 45!) : A song that makes me fall asleep

Yes this song makes me fall asleep but in the most beautiful way possible. It’s far from being a boring song but perhaps when I am sleepy already, it soothes me further. It’s like a lullaby which I reckon even Ben Folds sang to his daughter Gracie.

I must also admit that the song makes me cry sometimes because it’s so sweet. And I for one can’t wait to sing it to my little girl someday. Oh such simple, poignant lyrics…they seem so much more real and touching than all those rappy rhymey ones.

“One day you're going to want to go
I hope we taught you everything you need to know
Gracie girl…my little girl.”

That is the most adorable and sweet thing a parent can say in my opinion. And luckily my parents are exactly the same with me. I think that is also the reason I like it so much.

This is not the original video but it is the original song. So enjoy it while I tuck myself into bed and dream about my little Gracies!

PS – Thanks to Nick Flegg for introducing me to this song and for learning to play it on the piano for me! X