Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who cares about the law exam

Today is Sunday. Its 17:43. Which means I effectively have 4 days to study for my law exam. Now from that take away a day for sleeping and about half a day for play station (that is another story by the way) what does that leave me with? 2 and a half days for the exam. JOY!!

So I've done these calculations in my head, clearly not studying law, and I've worked out that I'll somehow still possibly pass and hence why I don't care!

I cared a great deal sometime ago. I'd study law everyday because I was terrified of the exam. But we've had so much work to do, not hard stuff , but work nonetheless that I think I can now officially only work under pressure! Pressure should be kicking in sometime now or perhaps a day or two ago but appraently hasn'y which again proves that I don't seem to care. I know I should and I care that I don't care but that doesn't seem motivating enough!!

But I know one bit of law well and that is defamation. Seeing that I am not the most politically correct person you ever saw...I'll probably lose half of my anyway low wages of paying people I have defamed! Already Nick thinks I am racist. He told me so this morning because I told him an innocent little joke which he found implications in! CHEEKY MONKEY! Hopefully by the time I', ready adn raring to dive into the world of journalism my across-the-window-shouting-friend Dustin will have become a fancy lawyer and defend me!

Until then...I honestly don't care!

Peace out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Now being in the field of journalism, I know how hard it is to get interviews with famous people. Especially television stars because they always feel they need to be more condescending that film stars. Some sort of inferiority complex I suppose.

Lucky for me I got an interview with the Cookie Monster. Like all super heroes he has an alter ego. NICK FLEGG. Obviously, I got the interview with Nick rather than Mr. Monster because Mr. Monster was out doing work and in all probabilty saving the world from some dreadful cookie famine!

Over the past few months, I realised that Nick has tremendous talent (He writes poetry, plays piano and footy too) and more over the unmatched drive to do something. He will make sure he masters whatever catches the whim of the King of the Universe. Be it eating 14 cups of ice cream, learning how to read sheet music in 2 days or firing up blogs by learning HTML. Amor...hats off!

But he is mighty evil as well. If you read his'll notice that he says there is a duck in my room and he would like to visit me and duck for the sole purpose of insulting me. Now we all know that I have a somewhat everlasting stock of Cookies. What other reason could there be for Nick.Cookie Monster to come here but for the COOKIES? he pretends to want to insult me but deep in his chocolatey heart he knows it is for the cookies and of course my irresistable charm and beauty!

But my life here would have been pretty awful without the Cookie Monster in it. Despite him stealing my cookies, he has found a way of getting away with most things. He even had me telling people he scored a goal from somewhere on some far off planet!

Anyway, I'll leave you with the interview with Cookie Monster!


Back in October I had to write a profile on one of my course mates. I picked David Rose....when I was innocent and naive; this is what I thought of the boy.

Once you get beyond the “I’m Lucifer” mask its easy to know that he is a small town lad from the West Midlands, with a big heart of gold.

He weaves his vast knowledge of philosophy into lyrics and music like a master craftsman…a true musician. When you hear him sing or play the piano you’ll wonder why he isn’t performing at Broadway. Especially with experience of working with Royal Shakespearean Theatre when he was eleven!

Fiercely defensive of those he loves, this sensitive soul is the perfect son, brother and uncle. One is left bewildered as to why he believes that he lost track of what he wanted to achieve in life. “I wish I never lost sight of who I was,” he says with a hint of regret in his voice.

He aspires to work in the media, earn pots of money and then combine his passion for music and making the world a better place. He wishes to start a community project to teach children music skills. “Money is important but it’s not everything. I’d rather be respected than rich,” professes the Good Samaritan.

The first Rose with no thorn. A Musician. An Artist. A Dreamer. A Believer. DAVID ROSE.

It is now March. I am wise to the ways of this artist. This is what I think of him now!

Thou art only mark'd for hot vengeance and the rod of heaven. Thou errant hedge-born maggot-pie!



Aloha from the beautiful land of Hawaii!

Yea no I'm still in Poole! Anyway, the title of this blog is highly significant at this point in time. I came to Uni mighty scared of the BIG BAD WORKING WORLD. Uni appeared ot be a safe haven and in September last year I thought,"A year is well long. I'm sure I'll be able to sort my life out by then!"

Fastforward to now. I think the absolute opposite! Life? Which one? The one I had with Mum and Dad always there to help with anything or the one when big sis would come from miles away to pick me up if my car broke down? Or the one I currently have. Doing absolutely nothing. Unless of course I can make a living from featuring in Nick's music videos (Highly intentionally I might add) or randomly and purposelessly wandering into Dave's room and bravely turning on the lights in his apartment corridor? (Yes his flatmates are pro darkness and hencewhy leave lights turned out even on the darkest night!)

That is Dave...the HOT one. Apparently he needs to advertise it. The other is Nick...the EXTRA HOT ONE. So hot he ate 14 tubs of ice cream! See why I don't life as I know it to change!

But the tragedy of life is there are tragedies! Even Shakespeare wrote more tragedies than comedies. Or even more than historicals for that matter!! *SIGH*

Lets face it. I don't have much time to sort my life out. The one year deadline is coming to an end and September is so close. What am I going to do? Where will I go? What does one do when you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size where you gonna go? Where you gonna sleep tonight?

De Nick says, "BELIEVE!"


PS- I sang the song where you gonna sleep tonight and Dave played guitar but our Director (one Deepak)is apparently rubbish and recorded over it. So I'll put it up after I do a retake!!