Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah the new moon is finally out!

Today I dragged my aunt and cousin out of bed and we trooped off to watch New Moon.

I can't way I was disappointed because it had the excitement of the book to atleast some level. And I was in all honesty too busy staring at the wolves to even notice Bella and the rest. Alright maybe I peeked at Edward a couple times but only because he was glittering in the Sun!

The second of the Twilight saga, New Moon was not my favourite book either. It was the most boring one for me. I loved the bit of Jacob turning into a wolf but the rest was plain boring. But somehow I still enjoyed the film. Not as much as I enjoyed watching The Lord Of The Rings I'll admit.

Bella was just as irritating as she always was. I thoroughly dislike how she shakes her head anytime she says something. She's like a robot whose neck has gone a bit loose. And Edward has a bit too much white make-up on. And compared to even the rest of the Cullen's he looked than he is meant to!

The wolf pack however, in my opinion stole the show. I though each character was perfect and was portrayed so well that it overshadowed the vampires completely.

I always appear to enjoy films that are made of book. I think its because I like the idea of comparing what I saw the characters as to the ones that the filmmaker saw. Its always exciting when you've read the book and you're watching a film and have an inside joke which isn't being shown on screen. Or maybe its just me!

I also think Carlisle and Emmet and Sam should have been on screen a bit longer!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Morning at Murray Road

Its Friday morning and everyone has gone mental. Well everyone below the age of 30 atleast. And for those who know me and my family then you know I'm talking about Shriya Diju, Shashwat (Poph ji) and Savage and yours truly!

So we all wake up pretty much sane for our standards atleast. Grandpa is awake and watching television. Sneha Mua (Savage and my aunt and the other two's mother) has escaped to school and left us to our own devices.

So here is an insight -

Shashwat Rana - Imagine if you had to see only though one eye? What a sad life that would be? And before he has even thought about it. He goes on to ask if any of us have tried to pick up a pencil with your toes. "Its hard!" he proclaims.

Anyway, we're having breakfast at scattered times and making lots and lots of noise. Its the music of a MAC versus the music from a PC. Needless to say I won with my PC and Snow Patrol!! Add a whole lot of shouting and that's what our conversation is.

Ongoing bets are also part of the morning. Will the water in the kettle be enough for three cups of tea? Place the bets and loser gets beaten up with stick.

Said stick is unavailable so loser gets traumatised a bit. The picture here is the consequence of losing.

So after all of that is done and finished. We sit down and discuss serious issues. Like when we should begin cooking and cleaning for the party. This is at about 1pm. By about two minutes past one we think we've had enough. TIME FOR A BREAK! Phew...that was hard work!

Just when we're ready to get back to discussions we hear the hoover. It's working. This also means that Mimi is doing the work we should be. So of course we run helter skelter to do the work. Atleast what's left of it!

Off we troop. So fast forward to about 6:30 in the evening everything is done. And about the certainly done. Shash and I had to make the rise gravy about 6 times until the rice began to look edible. And then with Chinese Martial and Girl Power combined we managed to make yummy yummy rice pulao! And thats all that needs to be said!

Conclusion - Party was a success. Food was a success. Day went off as planned with no technical snags.

Peace out!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What next?

I'm quite sure that despite all their pledges and promises of a fantastic for the little Himalaya country of Nepal, the Maoists can do nothing but drive the nation into further despair.

From the very beginning they have forced their opinion down peoples throats and deluded themselves. They forced people to vote for them - holding them at gun point several times - and then pretended to be surprised when they won.

Well yes you'd think they'd be satisfied with winning but then came the real problem. Ruling the country. Needless to say they failed. So what is it that they want now. They had their chance at ruling the country and unfortunately for them it didn't go to well.

So what now start the process all over again and then win and then step down because they can't handle it?

I don't care about Men Who Stare at Goats

After a very tiring day, a friend and I went to watch the much awaited MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. We usually watch films together and the last few have been rather disappointing. Even worse for him (henceforth referred to by his name NIKO) because he didn't have the consolation of watching Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Heath Ledger and Colin Farrell in The Imaginarium.....

So as I said the trailer had appealed to us and with the star cast of George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey surely this film would not disappoint.

But then IT DID

There seemed absolutely no link between the characters and it looked like they had all been filmed separately. The essence of the film with was a program in the army made up of people with pcyshic abilities. The most talented of them being George Clooney. He could kill goats simply by staring at them. And that was the end of the explanation of his divine powers.

Ewan McGregor is a journalist who in his attempt to show down his boss who has just run off with his (McGregors) wife land up in Afghanistan to find the program founder Jeff Bridges.

Somewhere in this come bad guy Kevin Spacey who only adds to the further fragmentation of the film.

In short its a bringing together of four people whose lives overlap in the most random manner for the most random reason (which I might add I still don't know).

Luckily it was a Wednesday and Niko and I got in on buy one get one free so not too much financial loss. But if you haven't watch it in the cinema then all I can say is DONT.

I promise you it will be more fulfilling if you just stared at goats for the two hours even if you didn't even manage to get the its ear to move let alone kill it!