Thursday, April 16, 2009

You deserve much better than me

I have the most splendid friends. I've always had fantastic friends. I think my first friend was Naushik Kabra. He's the the sort of friend who was and is always there for you. Yea he appears late but he does eventually arrive!! Our Mums were pregnant with us around the same time. And possibly for the first time in his life he was on time and therefore is a few months older than I! Anyway, my point is that he's a wonderful friend and now brother!

Then there is Devika. We were buddies when we were babies and we lost contact for about 6 years but picked up right where we left off as if we never had fallen out of touch. Devika is perfectly brilliant. Indeed, she talks about ducks or something when you're talking about football or something but that is what makes her 'distraction'. Hencewhy it is her nickname!

Then another baby friend in this mental names Anisha! Crazy. But I love her. We disagree on almot everything. If I say black she says white. I say spicy she says sweet. I say London she says Singapore. I say Nadal she says Federer. SCHUMI - and we both say AYE!! I'm touching wood for something that only she and I know about. I hope we always stay the same!!

Then enter Natasha and Iffath. They are like my sisters. They are my sisters actually. All I can say is I love them to death! The absolute best they are! I'll spoil it if I say anymore.

There is also Nimrita, Anutha, Suniti, Mansi, Sakshi. We're meant to go to Spain before the first one of us gets married. Given that we haven't been to Spain yet I can safely say we're far from being brides and brides maids. And just so you know these 5 are perfectly incapable of being on time for anything. And don't even bother to ask Suniti why she comes late. "No listen it was really important...I had to wash my hair!" Mansi has one big goblet of wine or something which "miraculously fills itself up". Sakshi...hmm...haven't met her in a while but I know the times we had were good. Nim...there's another person who is crazy! The parties and sleepovers and the whole lot of fun. Anutha...I won't talk about her becasue if I do then she'll know I'm free and should be with her in London...oh hang on she's in India. Ah well...she is great too. The numerous out and out bizzare things we did and still potentially will. Very nice indeed!!

Hair...speaking of that...Disha is another. (I notice a trend friends are usually late!)Tell her 2pm and she'll meander in at about 5 looking perfect calm about the whole things unless her hair is out of place! Tejini however is quite on time and has her hair perfectly in place. She also comes late but only because Disha drives her to the place. Otherwise its fine!

Sharanya, Karunya, Kripa, Chandni, Kiran, Navya, Addy, Bhanu, Vaishali. Oh the mental 9 who sat on the stairs laughing and saying the most ridiculous things and telling the worst jokes (Only Karunya did that!) Basically wasting precious time complaining about the uselessness of exams when we should have been studying for those blinking exams! Good times! Good times! They made the five years worthwhile. More than worthwhile. And I know that they'll always be there for me. No matter what. Yes some of them don't even email but if I send a distress call they'll be just round the corner!

Meghna (I don't have a picture of her) but she is a darling. She's like a little sister to me and although I haven't known her too long, the two years feels like twenty! But she does science. YUCKS!! Nevermind...hopefully good sense will prevail and she'll abandon the rubbish subject!

And the boys!! Oh the boys...Washy, Raul, Akhilesh, Umang, Chintan, PTK, Aashish, Arjun. Only they would come home at about 3am with beer and crisps to play cards!! MAD MAD MAD! And then the best part is arrive to the same home(mine) from the same place (COUCH) in different cars!! What's to complain about!! I had the most delightful times of my life *SIGH*

And then the other boys...Akhil, Vamsi, Mario, Atul,Ashwin. All
that comes to mind is laughter. That is how happy they make
me! Randomly show up at my doorstep with cheap smelly wine in their hand or sing Pizza Hut Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken.....CONSTANTLY!!

Or busrt into tune like life was a musical!! Truly though they make it worthwhile!! Life is good as long as they're with me! life...I miss you. And you know I love you. Always!

Vamsi...really...why don't you just live in my garden. We'll get you a fridge for the beer outside no worries. :P MIA brother-in-law...some day I'll come to Leeds.

Atul - Maybe one day I'll be able to accept the fact that you're a McLaren fan! Still I love you inspite of that fatal flaw!

Ashwin - Still downloading Skype are you?

David Rose...I've written about him before! Great fun. Always there when you need (Only if I have cookies though!!) But he is super and I think he is a fantastic friend! flatmate...of late I like her less...she's stopped cooking for me! And she doesn't loiter around drinking coffee talking rubbish!! Hehe!!

No no I do love her and I always will. And we're buying a castle together. We like to be flatmates you see!!

Mon...nearly as mental as me but not quite. But she is super. (She even gave me a present today!!) Together we beat Dave at wrestling too!
Girl Power!


David Murray...yea yea Ireland is the best!! Maybe!! Only after India though. Waiting to go mountaineering and rafting in the Himalayas. Come soon!!

Julide...she's big sis here!

David Spragg...ah what shall I say except...shall we be on our way to Slug and Lettuce?? Hehe!! Genuine chap he is. I am very fond of him indeed. He is a pest though! other flatmate...oh I love her. Only she and I can have fights with the hoover, broom and some other random kitchen objects!! We also make a damn good team. We together can kick arse. Anyone comes in our way...MOVE OUT or GET MOWED DOWN!! other other flatmate!! Hehe...she's super!! Ah the time when she came to cook rice and put the wrong hob on and complained to eternity!! hahaha!! Love you!

Nick...again like Dave I've spoken about him before but can't exclude him here.

He's my darling Cookie Monster!! He does scold when I play playstation at levels slightly below perfection though.PHOOEY!!

My point is that I have always had the best friends there could possible ever be. And if I've named you in this post it means I think you should know this...


Love you all now and forever!

PS - The picture of the sprouts is not random. It means something and the person will know!