Saturday, July 18, 2009

Having a doctor for an Aunt.

Dr.Mimi Giri is a fancy doctor at the University of Gent Hospital at Gent(oddly enough). She is or atleast says she belongs to many important groups. Like the UN of endocrinology. So all through my big masters project I asked her for help, information, contacts and quotes.

Hopefully that will fetch me some good marks. And if it doesn't then I will pull down this tribute post!

Having her around is great. Although you do get a bit too much of CSI. And by that I mean she watches about 6 episodes on her days off! Yea I know...CRAZY!

Anyway, she thinks that just because she is a doctor she can tell me what is wrong with me and I can't! For example, I say my wrist hurts but it is not hurt. NO she says. It cannot be possible.

I cannot understand how she knows. Unfortunately, she may be right. It hurts too much to be nothing.

Oh...I forgot that this is a tribute to her help and encouragement.

Genuinely, she helped me so much. Infact, it was her idea to begin with. It all began very fairytale like. I was sat on her bed being lectured at by her for eating unhealthy. Something about an ANT and a GRASSHOPPER or some such. Not that I can remember what I was. But I think she concluded I was a pig! :)

Basically, I owe her almost my entire project. Without her I would have been marginally lost. That said she was not the easiest interviewee. Randomly helping people out in the middle of a Gent market while I was recording. And I quote ..." And so obesity is highly...rechtdoor...Zonder dank" For goodness sake!!

Anyway, enough of the tribute.



Love you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is it to them?

The other day I was watching an episode of Lead Balloon, the comedy series with Jack Dee. It is absolutely hilarious. And it is so because it is so close to reality. Actually it is exactly reality.

So Jack Dee plays Rick Spleen, a comedian,(no surprises there) but a down and outish one. He hardly gets many shows and barely any tele programmes.

Of course the world is quite happy to get at him. Nevermind that they were not even as famous as him. EVER. And possibly will never be but still they think it is necessary to keep reminding him that he has put on weight.

Rick,being the sacarstic chap he is tries to defend with nasty jokes but eventually tell them to mind their own business. And I agree.

People are not perfect. We are all not super models. So why pretend. Afterall we don't go around telling people,"Oh did you stop growing when you were 7?" And then top it all off with ," Not that I am suggesting you are short."

Well, what are you doing then? If someone had put on weight, I would make sense that the person is the first to know. He does put on his own trousers you know!

And God forbid they don't know...who killed the general and made nosy friends ( READ : People jealous of you) in charge?

A real friend would tell you that. They'd be too busy running in the gym because they've probably eaten the same things as you have.

I don't understand. I never will. What is it to them?