Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's funny how life can be...

Sometimes when I sit down and think about life, I realise that I draw a blank. Not really because it's a boring, mundane world I live in but because I'm so full of various thoughts, I'm not quite sure what to focus on. Chaos with no EXIT sign.

Now it sounds a bit odd and marginally insane but truth be told, I cannot finish one thought at a time. While I am thinking of A, I'm already planning about B while continuing a chain of thoughts on C. People find it hard to figure out what I am saying because more often than not, I answer my questions in my head and move on to something else before the person even has a chance to analyse my question! But that now brings me to this question....on life.

How is it that some stranger pops out of the most random rain cloud and is so very similar to me and can keep track of my continuing 11 thoughts while I am currently explaining the 12th? How come I have the best of friends and need nothing more because it doesn't get better than them but still there's always room for that one more special someone? Shouldn't there be a rule for the number of people who can just march into your life, hold a sacred place in your heart and just never leave there after? Maybe it's just me. Maybe my heart is like Hotel California...you can check in anytime of year but you can never leave!

I had the most insanely awesome night on Saturday. A group of colleagues-now-good-friends and I had a night out. At work they're completely different people. So professional. So prim. So proper. So colleagues. But come sunset, they're so...normal. They do the things I do. Eat the same kind of stuff I do. Know the same music I do and stunningly for the same reasons I do. For example, we all seemed to blame our knowledge of songs from the 70s on our parents. And I thought I was the only one! Haha.

So yea, in particular there is this one person I get on massively and astonishingly well with. He's a super person. He's a writer/filmmaker like me. He has a passion for music. A thirst for discovery. And above all an understanding for the strange! I think that is what really brought us closer. The bizarre, absurd, random things seem so normal to us both.

Hmmm strange...where has this person been all my life. Same city. Same hang outs. How come he's not part of my gang of friends? How come it took me 24 years to meet this stranger? Ok 24 years is a bit much but say 10 years ago seems about the apt time yea?

I mean he should have been a part of my circle of friends since forever basically.

But he's not...and probably won't be. But I know for a fact he'll always be super special to me. One way or another.

PS - This one is for you, you absolute GIT! Always keep calm and stay badass! :D