Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 24: A song I want played at my funeral

I demand that when I am you know...gone...that people finally acknowledge the they can play this one for me...

And then because I know I'll have a wonderful life because I'm already surrounded by the best of the best of I'll leave them with...

Time of my life. Ideally the original version from Dirty Dancing but since it's copyrighted and well this one is fun as well...I won't mind either!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 23: A song that I want to play at my wedding

Wow it's Day 23 and it's been so many months! I'm going with Jupiter's days. So I'm probably early!

This title makes me happy...weddings are fun. Especially our Indian ones.

Aside from all the lovey dovey songs...I absolultely must have this one. It's got so much energy and it will certainly make me happy.

I also must have my sister D, Saurav Rana aka Savage, Shashwat Rana aka Pwap and Shriya Diju aka Vergil all dance to this with me!

I doubt the voice and vid are in sync but who the blooming hell cares!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 22: A song I listen to when I'm sad

It's odd that it should be this category today! After so many days of not blogging I decided to come on today and I was actually thinking this morning of what I would listen to when I was sad.

So I wondered...would I listen to a sad song to either reflect my emotion or make me sadder. Or perhaps I'd try to listen to a song to cheer me up.

Now needless to say that when I was thinking about all that I was not sad, nor am I sad now. And thankfully (I think!) I cannot remember the song I heard when I was last sad. Nor can I remember the last time I was sad! So boohoo...dilemma...thus I will put up two songs which I assume I would listen to when sad. Although I don't want to be planning a sadness regime, here's Daniel Powter with Bad Day and then to uplift my potential unfortunate mood,Mmmmmmmmbop!

Bad Day's original was un-embeddable so here's the live one with the original link as well.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 21: A song you listen to when I'm happy

There isn't really a particular song to sing when I am happy. I'm happy almost all the time (touch wood) so then that means I'd have to put up tens of thousands of songs!

So what I thought I'd do was pick a song that at the moment I love and can't stop singing. It's most catchy and fun and well I just love it.

The other day I accidentally rang my last dialled number while belting out this tune in the car. Yes the person on the other side did have the longest and loudest laugh of his life I reckon! And if it were some other song then I may have been worried but this...well you've got to love it even over the phone in a shower voice! That is the original video but I can't embed it so here is some fans unofficial vid.

Let it get to you too!

The audio isn't perfect pero never mind.