Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 29: A song from my childhood

Let me begin by telling you a story about my sister and your’s truly…

When we young Mum used to tuck us into bed and sing so beautifully to us…rock a bye baby rock-a-hula-baby.

Then we’d wake up a bit late in the morning for school for no fault of ours and Daddy would scold us for it and say Dontcha think its time? But before we could shed those big Teardrops, Mum would come in just in time to say Don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true!

As we grew older and a bit naughty, Mum said we were Double Trouble and sometimes worse…she’d say we’re the devil in disguise! Needless to say we were so sad about it, you could well have called our room the Heartbreak Hotel. But we got over it the minute Ma got us some Hi-Heel Sneakers and some Blue Suede Shoes.

Through our teenage years she said to us like Wise men say, “ Don’t try to be like other girls because after all She’s not you!” So we lived and we learned to Dream the Impossible dream all because Mum said if you don’t try then you’ll never know the Wonder of You. She said," I just can help believing that you’ll be what you want to be if you Follow That Dream."

She taught us of Hound dogs, Johnnt B. Goode and she told us all about Fun in Acapulco, The Blue Moon of Kentucky and Marie, his latest flame. But most importantly she taught us to always be weary of people with Suspicious Minds and we all know that Suspicion is a something we must never Surrender to!

And now because of our delightful mother…we never regret Yesterday, we have never lost that loving feeling and as much as we want to, we never show our moody blues! Yes, that is right…we don’t show it at all…even when We’re all shook up!

So when our friends were learning about the Contrary Mary or the falling bridge of London, or even Jack and Jill…my sister and I...we were way ahead. We were learning about the Jailhouse Rock and how A little less conversation is always good for the Guitar Man.

Mother you can now stand tall, with you head held high as you’ve bred two fans of the King of Rock and roll. You can now say for the Millionth and Last time…I DID IT MY WAY!

Hence, my childhood song is…

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 28: A song that makes me feel guilty

The grammy awards just finished this weekend so I thought it was appropriate to come and pay tribute to music.

But songs don't make me feel guilty per se. Ok I'm stumped by this one.

I think I'm going to twist this a little...

The song doesn't make me feel guilty...but the current mood I am in makes me think of this song and I have put this song up on my blog before but then I guess the people I love and care about are the same so I'm going to hit them again with Hinder. And for the same reasons and before...more so perhaps now. For some people.