Friday, September 18, 2009

Its been a while

Yea! I'm done with Masters! Yippie! Ok I've been donea long(ish) while now. 15th of July to be precise.

And of course I've done many things since then. I lived life to the fullest. I saw all that could possible be seen by a young person in such little time. And the most amazing thing I did was watch the entire season one of THE MENTALIST. TWICE!!

Oh I adore Simon Baker. And I adore him even more as Patrick Jane! *blush blush*.

Now everyone who reads these blogs knows who Niko is. Nick Flegg aka Cookie Monster!

He, as if he knows everything, says, "The Mentalist is rubbish. And I am going to get you out of that bad habit!"

Haha! As if. If you ask me, he is just a tad jealous of Mr.Jane!

Anyway, I promise I had a point with this post but clearly I've lost it. What else can one expect when one is thinking of Simon Baker. Pppft! I'll be back sooner or later!

Peace Out!


1. Write about BBC
2. Write about Birthday
3. Write about Ipswich and ITFC
4. Write about leaving Poole
5. Write about Formula One, Tennis