Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer food at its best

April 21, 2012, DHNS:

Aside from just a plain, boring salad, I want to give guests the option of a lighter but filling main course this summer,” says Jaydeep Patil, senior kitchen executive at Le Jardin, The Oberoi. And in the blistering summer, this extensive seasonal menu is indeed a refreshing change. With appetisers, soups, entrées and desserts that serve as a great respite from the heat, the range of dishes has something for even those with specific culinary requirements.

Chef Patil says that rather than continually reinventing the same old dishes, he wanted to experiment with different techniques and garnishes to prepare the food. The inspiration to evolve the existing menu came from the seemingly obvious reason of using fresh, seasonal products. “I wanted to use fruits, vegetables and produce that are current and seasonal so that the food complemented the weather because the weather really determines what we eat and enjoy at various times of the year,” he notes.

Using exotic berries and fruits like raspberries, avocado and melon, the appetisers are a great way to start the meal. The choice includes a fabulous beetroot carpaccio with chevre, orange and berries. For those who are less adventurous, the chef also has proscuitto wrapped tenderloin that is lightly grilled and goes beautifully before either the cold gazpacho soup or the seafood and fennel broth. “I’ve tried to incorporate people’s favourites like prawn and tenderloin but treated them differently. Most of the meat on the menu is grilled or smoked and has a fruity flavour as opposed to the heavy, butter-based, rich texture of most winter dishes,” he adds.

In his introduction to the main course, Chef Patil emphasises that the seasoning of the meats is mostly made up of tangy lemon sauces with sides that are cooling and rejuvenating like celery, grapes and olives. And avoiding heavier meats like pork and lamb, the main course offers dishes like tuna with broccoli, rucola and California grapes and the great favourite and highly appetising roast chicken in herb sauce.

“I’ve retained traditional dishes like crepes and ravioli but with herbs and relishes like capers and sage that really add flavour to the dish making it subtly tasty and not overpowering or pungent,” he says.

The desserts make for a fine culinary experience. One can choose from either an unusual yet delightful pavé of Belgian chocolate and passion fruit or the very cooling and energising raspberry and chili sorbet.

From appetisers to desserts, Chef Jaydeep’s summer treats truly do leave you comfortably full while also helping you cope with the rising mercury levels.

Food-lovers can enjoy this summer menu till April 30.

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