Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Annoying film critiques.

For a long while I've seen my Mum, who reads the paper cover to cover, completely ignore film reviews. And rightly so. There were no reviews at all. They were plot summaries and spoilers. There wasn't any information about the direction, acting or anything about the making of the film. It was down right useless. More of a "if you don't want to watch the film or haven't the time to then read this".

Slowly and thankfully, that changed. But now it seems that, in most papers, the bigger the star in the film, the better the review. Films that are arty and don't star Shahrukh Khan get a star and a half. While the waste of money, nonsense with the King Khan gets a whopping ***** and a MUST WATCH.

Being a film maker - a very little one at that - I still find it extremely painful to read these reviews. I completely understand that there are good films and there are bad films. But the job of the critique is hardly to tell me whether I should or shouldn't watch the film. He can indeed help in my decision by giving an unbiased opinion. Saying DON'T WATCH THIS FILM, only makes me want to watch it more. And cross my fingers that I like it as well!

Recently, I read a review of Dark Shadows. It starred my all time favourite Johnny Depp AND was directed by my other favourite Tim Burton and it was their best, but I enjoyed it. Yet the review had Johnny Depp as a very unrealistic vampire. A "heavily powdered man with deathly dark circles and a bad manicure" to be precise! What? So you've seen a real vampire or are you so influenced by the Cullen Clan that you think that's what all vampires should look like? Diamondesque and red eyed? Jokers! It's a different interpretation for crying out loud! A more "vampirey" one at that!

Anyway, I am not here to defend my man Depp...that's another post altogether! So moving on...reviews. Yes the film critic of before needs very quickly to return. Adding to my woes of awful film critics, with the advent of the internet...everyone is a critic. I mean...some one can absolutely hate this blog yet my ever loving sister and my mother, will continually read it and make opinions without voicing their bad reviews. But when it comes to film and trailers...it's an absolute war out there. Youtube is a highly entertaining source of amusement. But sometimes it gets on my nerves. People who absolutely despise a certain actor/actress should really stay away from watching the concerned trailer or film clip. It seems logical no? Why would you 'torture' yourself only so you can anger a fan? Do you really have nothing else to do? Surely there's a crossword left on Earth you've not completed! 

But the consolation there is that it's free speech and we all have a right to opinions. Just don't force it down my throat. Just lay down the facts...I'll make my own conclusion. I have a mind of my own thank you very much.

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