Monday, May 14, 2012

A splendid show of culture

May 2, 2012, DHNS:

MVJ College of Engineering organised its much awaited inter-collegiate cultural
competition recently.

Aptly named Swayam – which means self, the fest followed the theme of
‘Incredible India’.

The event not only brought together students from different colleges from all over the State but also gave them an opportunity to showcase their talent in over 20 competitions that took place over the two days.

The students battled it out in various events including debate, music, dance and artistic and sporting events and it wasn’t only for the trophy or the cash prize

It was in essence for the pride of their alma mater!

 In keeping with the theme, the light music event, brought out the enviable cultural diversity of India as the contestants melodiously serenaded the audience and judges.

And the judges must surely have had a hard time deciding on the winner
but eventually, St John’s Medical College team was declared the winners.

One of the highlights of the fest, the ‘Battle of Bands’, saw ‘Band Hungry’ from SVIT walk away with the top prize.

But that hardly took away the talent or the brilliant performances by other bands. On a very different note, the debate battle drew a huge crowd as people poured in to hear the discussion — and a rather fierce one at that — about whether or not privatisation will lead to less corruption in India.

Though Nithin Yashes from SJMC was announced the winner, the arguments
of the other participants would certainly have given most politicians a good
run for their money.

Adding to the football frenzy in the City, MVJCE also came up with a novel game of football on water.

And after a whole lot of slipping, sliding, splashing and gliding, this unusual event saw a team from MVJCE, led by Vijay, emerge as the winners.

Meanwhile, in a far more graceful event, the dance troupe Pralaya from
BNMIT, made sure their routine was that much more refined as they claimed top spot in the Indian Dance Competition.

All through the two-day fest, the atmosphere was simply electrifying.

The auditoriums as well as the outdoor stages had audiences braving the sun and the occasional rain, to cheer on their college mates while the competitors took the stage, striving for perfection amidst worthy opponents.

There was not a hint of negative emotion in the entire place showing the true spirit and passion of a competition.

All one could hear was the ringing of college names and cheers for the performers.
It was commendable that even those who had lost still walked away with their heads held high.

The respect they gave to each other shone through the competitive spirit making it impressively noteworthy.

Swayam 2012 came to an end with a delightful performance by eminent singers of the Kannada film Industry.

Shamitha Malnad, Deepak Dodderi and Santosh Venky had the crowd on their feet, dancing and tapping to the popular Kolaveri Di and Chamak Challo — a fitting conclusion to the glorious fest.

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